Foro de rol centrado en una academia artística, la cual descubre que tocar un instrumento puede hacer más que sólo producir sonido ..¿Te atreves?
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Conde de Northerland.

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· Skykeeper ·

· Sky ·
God’s Kingdom, wich includes heaven, earth, and all inhabitants

· Keeper ·
Guardian; protector

A Skykeeper, an angel commissioned by God to protect his kingdom, lives the motto “In Service to God”
A Skykeeper abides by 7 virtues. These inform a Skykeeper’s every thought, word and action

· The Skykeeper’s 7 virtues ·

· Benevolence ·
Kindness unto others; the disposition to do good; selflessness

· Divinity ·
Godliness; the kingdom of God within

· Faith ·
Allegiance to God; entrusting God with the unmanageable

· Fortitude ·
Strength in four manifestations:
* Courage for fear
* Mercy for the transgressor
* Patience for vexation
* Perseverance for adversity

· Lucidity ·
Divine wisdom; clarity of being
· Providence ·
Stewardship of God’s kingdom; providing for the future

· Purity ·
Freedom from sin; cleanliness; detachment from mundanity

~At dawn we rise, soaring, towards the protection of our blue skies, up high, nothing escapes our eyes~
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Skykeeper. ~
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